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Our Story

The idea behind the Impact Bars was seeded back in 1993, when our founder, Paul Rodney Turner was a monk running a small food relief service in the Hunter Valley of Australia.


At that time, Paul thought of an idea to sell a mini snack bar called the Food for Life Bite, with the tag line: Take a bite and feed a child. 


Soon after Paul had lined up a manufacturer and designed the packaging of the product, he was called to leave Australia to set up the headquarters for Food for Life Global in the USA. Early in 1993, Paul traveled to Washington DC where he soon founded Food for Life Global to help expand the charity’s food relief services in over 60 countries around the world.


However, the idea of the cause-related snack bars remained a passionate idea for Paul. For one reason or another, he was never able to get the idea off the ground. However, in 2016, he had an epiphany, while the snack bar was still a great idea, it was important to understand that the social impact attached to the sale of the product was equally valuable. And thus was born the OM Guarantee certification of social good, www.omguarantee.com, a B-lab social enterprise focused on providing a convenient and cost-efficient way for companies to give back in a measurable way that was also tracked on the blockchain. The three social impacts serviced by OM Guarantee were to feed a child, feed a rescued animal and plant a tree.


Early in 2022, Paul approached Pure Bliss Organics, a successful vegan and organic food company that services all over the United States, to create snack bars for Food for Life Global. It was then that Paul had another epiphany where he could combine the value of the OM Guarantee and its diversified and measurable social impact products with vegan snack bars, and thus was born the Impact for Life project and the Impact Bars, with three specific measurable social impacts right in the name of the bars themselves: SAVE A CHILD, HELP AN ANIMAL and PLANT A TREE!


There would be no doubt in the consumer’s mind as to what would happen if they purchased one of these delicious vegan snack created by Pure Bliss Organics.


We believe that direct social impact tied to products and services is the future of good business and we are so excited to be able to bring to life a life long dream of our founder, Paul Rodney Turner.


 The Impact Bars Team

Organic Ingredients

With a balance of natural protein, fiber, and complex carbs, our Energy Bars are made with organic, real food ingredients to provide clean and sustained energy to fuel your day. Explore all of our offerings including that are not only delicious, nutritious but impactful too!


Our bars are packed with Calcium, Iron and Protein


Many nutrient-dense foods are rich in antioxidants, including certain types of berries, dark chocolate and nuts. 


A high-fiber diet may help reduce the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.

The Kindly Ecosystem


The Impact for Life energy bars are a division of Food for Life Global and are a proud member of the Kindly ecosystem for measuring, tracking and inspiring measurable social impact and acts of kindness. 

To learn more about the Kindly Ecosystem, visit  https://kindlyimpact.com