OM Guarantee Certified


Verifying Corporate Social Responsibility by Creating Measurable Social Impact

OM Guarantee Inc. is a certification company that creates transparency between Impact Supporters and Impact Projects by using the Blockchain to track the entire life cycle of social impact generated by charities.


What We Do


We bring socially responsible businesses together with Social Impact projects from around the world.


OM Guarantee blockchain technology and tools facilitate the tracking of measurable social impact outputs with accurate reporting.


We understand that financial support for Social Impact projects requires assurance that the funds are being used responsibly. That is where our unique Proof-of-Output OMG certificates come in.


Track Your Corporate Giving Dollars

Businesses worldwide use the patent-pending OM Guarantee 5-step verification process to track the social impact partners they support are delivering on their output promises. The measurable social impact OMG tracks are recorded using EOS blockchain technology with public-facing records.

How are the Giving Bars Tracked?

The Giving Bars is an initiative of Food for Life Global to help support its operations. A set cost to deliver each social impact is set aside from the sale of each snack bar. When the bars are sold to either a customer, retail outlet or distributor, the funds needed to support the specific social impact guaranteed on the snack bar is distributed accordingly:


1. FEED A CHILD snack bar – funds are issued to a Food for Life Global affiliate to cook and serve the vegan meal.

2. FEED AN ANIMAL snack bar – funds are issued to Food for Life Global who then passes the funds onto its affiliate, Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary.

3. PLANT A TREE snack bar – funds are issues to OM Guarantee who then distributes the funds to its charity partner, Eden Reforestation Project.


In each scenario, OM Guarantee is paid a certification fee of 0.10 per bar to ensure the delivery of the social impact, and to record the transactions in tracking the delivery, on the blockchain.


OM Guarantee is B Lab Certified

We are committed to B LAB’s mission of “transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet”. To help B LAB achieve this goal we have become a certified B Corp. See the public profile here.

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